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Airgreets GmbH
"All locations work together effortlessly."

Philipp Wunderlich

nextbike GmbH

nextbike GmbH

Headquarter: Leipzig
Number of employees: 400+
Product/service: Bike sharing

nextbike GmbH
nextbike is Europe’s bike share leader. We are getting people on our bikes by making them a natural part of urban mobility. As pioneers, we have been developing sustainable bike sharing systems for 16 years. We are currently active in over 200 cities and understand our service as a complement to bus & train.
In 2019, nextbike was awarded a grade of 1.9 by Stiftung Warentest and was named the test winner among bike sharing providers in Germany.

The challenge
nextbike employs service teams all over Germany, currently in 60 locations. Until the introduction of TAXMARO, all employees were managed centrally by the personnel department in Leipzig. Every employee document and every employee information had to be submitted in Leipzig or requested when necessary. For example, if a regional manager needed a current data protection statement from an employee, the only way was via the head quarters. As the number of employees increased, this process became confusing and susceptible to errors.

The realization with TAXMARO
With the access rights, TAXMARO was able to structure the individual departments and locations as independently managed units within the staff management process. The responsibility for employee administration was thus transferred to the respective HR managers on site. All locations can be viewed consolidated by the regional managers according to the area of responsibility. At the same time, all central departments have access to the company's entire data and document inventory.

With individually graded access rights, a process based on the division of labor could be implemented. This enables smooth collaboration across locations and departments. Master data and documents that are not crucial for accounting are managed independently by the employees and can be checked by the team and regional managers at any time.

Thus, for the preparation of the payroll accounting, the central HR department has access to a checked and complete database, which only needs to be supplemented by the variable accounting data. The payroll accounting is executed by TAXMARO, so that the employee administration could be seamlessly integrated into the payroll accounting process.

The result
The decentralized administration of master data has considerably reduced the workload for the HR department. The transfer of data management to a regional level ensures that the HR department can focus on preparing the actual payroll data. Overall, a scalable organizational structure for future growth could be created.
Komali Tortillas
"With TAXMARO we successfully manage the central time tracking for our 22 departments."

Peter Waitschies

Berliner TSC

Berliner TSC e.V.

Headquarter: Berlin
Number of employees: 60
Product/service: Sports club

Berliner TSC e.V.
The Berlin TSC e.V., founded in 1963, is nowadays a modern multi-sports club, in which 4,921 children, teenagers, adults and masters (as of 01.01.2020) practice a wide variety of sports activities in 22 departments. The club is open to all kinds of sports and new trends. Popular, recreational, master, health and competitive sports have equal status within the BTSC.
The challenge
Due to the large number of departments and salary models, monthly payroll accounting was a significant challenge. Depending on the department, the monthly working hours were recorded individually and had to be prepared centrally for payroll accounting in a complex consolidation process. The manual transfer of the payroll hours was a potential source of error, which caused a high administrative effort in the HR department.
The realization with TAXMARO
With time trackin, TAXMARO was able to provide a tool that allows employees to record their monthly working hours online. The possibility of recording independent of location and time makes it easier for trainers, for example, to record working hours during a weekend assignment. The previous manual recording using timesheets can now be completely avoided. In addition, employees can check the status of their individually defined nominal hours for the current month at any time. In order to improve the evaluation possibilities in financial accounting, the data is precisely recorded with regard to cost centers and departments.

TAXMARO performs an automatic consolidation of working hours with times based on absence management, so that continued pay can be calculated for fixed working days automatically. All time tracking requests are submitted electronically to the HR department for review and approval. Each request can be subsequently processed so that incorrect entries can be corrected if necessary. Depending on the organization of the departments, the requests can be assigned to different managers via access rights.

After approval by the HR department, the working hours are automatically transferred to TAXMARO for accounting. This is done with a few clicks, so that no manual transfer of the data is necessary.

The Result
The introduction of digital time tracking has significantly reduced the amount of control required for the accounting of variable hourly wages. At the same time, post-processing of the submitted hours can be made transparent and traceable.
Jaspr Founders
"Effortless onboarding during high growth periods"

Sebastian Klein

Honest Food Company GmbH

Honest Food Company GmbH
Headquarter: Berlin
Number of employees: 80
Product/service: Industrial food production

Honest Food Company GmbH
As a virtual restaurant, Honest Food distributes fresh meals under various brands on delivery platforms. The virtual restaurant brands are among the most popular and successful in Europe. Each virtual brand is the result of thousands of hours of rigorous testing and development by the most talented chefs using the freshest and most exciting ingredients.

Honest Food ensures that the dishes always correspond 100% to the customer's taste by structuring the development of the dishes completely around the feedback data collected by Honest Food.

The challenge
Rapid employee growth. Within a short time, teams were set up in Germany and Austria, whose master data had to be collected for payroll accounting. Each employee was given a personnel data entry sheet, which was manually transferred to payroll accounting after being returned to the HR department. The transfer was prone to errors and had to be checked monthly to ensure that it was up-to-date. The collection and maintenance of incomplete data required a large amount of administrative work, which could only be mastered with a high level of personnel resources.

The realization with TAXMARO
With the onboarding module, Honest Food adds new employees to the system with just two data points, "Email address" and "Employment type" to start the onboarding process. The new employee will automatically receive an invitation to the platform to enter the master data themself.

All accounting relevant data is automatically verified by TAXMARO using check digits, so that incorrect entries can be displayed directly. In addition, new employees receive a daily reminder e-mail, in which all missing and incorrect data is summarized. Missing documents, such as the enrollment certificate of working students, are also automatically queried. The reminder function deactivates itself as soon as all data and documents have been completed.

The result
With TAXMARO, the amount of work involved in hiring new employees was significantly reduced. In addition, the employee self-service option eliminated the monthly check for accuracy, thus significantly improving the process of employee administration and payroll accounting.

Komali Tortillas
"TAXMARO enabled us to automate the expense reimbursement of our employees throughout seven locations."

Florian Bogenschütz

Airgreets GmbH

Airgreets GmbH

Headquarter: München
Number of employees: 150
Product/service: Fullservice Provider for AirBnB

Airgreets GmbH
Airgreets takes care of all activities so that landlords can sit back and relax without having to worry about anything. By using the most popular internet platforms, such as Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo and many more, as well as dynamic price adjustments and valuation management, Airgreets achieves the optimal combination of occupancy and earnings. Airgreets' flexible solutions are not time-bound and allow you to use the rental objects yourself whenever you want. In the remaining time, Airgreets takes care of marketing and short-term renting.
The challenge
Depending on the facilities of the rental property, Airgreets employees may have to pay for cleaning materials or the replacement of defective items. Prior to the deployment of TAXMARO, these individual receipts were sent manually to the head quarter, which checked, recorded and reimbursed the individual amounts. Since the reports in the HR department could only be made amount-based, an additional recording had to be made in the financial accounting department. The process was thus completely paper-based and became more and more incomprehensible as the company grew.

The realization with TAXMARO
With the expense element, TAXMARO was able to provide a workflow that highly standardizes the submission of employees receipts. The employee uploads the individual receipts, assigns the costs to predefined categories and submits them electronically for reimbursement. Since the submission was previously done by the HR department, this led to a significant reduction in workload.

Die elektronische Kontrolle und Freigabe der Anträge erfolgt zentral durch die Personalabteilung. Mit Hilfe eines detaillierten Rechtemanagements konnten die Verantwortungsbereiche je nach Kostenstellen oder Standorten strukturiert werden. Sämtliche Belege sind derzeit digital abruf- und auswertbar.

The electronic review and approval of the requests is processed centrally by the HR department. With the use of detailed rights management, the areas of responsibility could be structured according to cost centers or locations. All receipts can currently be retrieved and evaluated digitally.

With the cost categories, an automatic account assignment to the corresponding accounts in financial book keeping is being processed, without the need to re-process the receipts separately. Since the Airgreets employees are assigned to fixed cost centers, the data entry on the cost centers is also transferred automatically. All accounting records will be available at the end of the month as a Datev import file.

Overall, the amount of work involved in the reimbursement of expenses was significantly reduced for both the HR and finance departments. The previously paper-based reimbursement process was converted to a scalable, digital solution.

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