Automated expenses handling

Live is too short to spend it on expense reports. With TAXMARO you safe a lot of time by automating the expense management of your employees.

Claim for reimbursement per click

Automated payout

Claim for reimbursement per click

As of now your employees can hand in their expenses per click via our online tool or mobile app. No more spread sheets, no more paper chaos. Food and travel allowances are calculated automatically based on the destination country.

Simple approval process

Claims for reimbursement can be approved per click. Any question about the expenses can be transmitted directly via tool. Of course TAXMARO archives all receipts in audit­proof manner to get you in shape of every kind of audit.

Automated payout and accounting

Once approved all expenses can be reimbursed via payroll automatically. You do not have to enter bank transactions manually any more. All expenses are reported to financial accounting automatically via API thus the accounting is already done.
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