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Connect TAXMARO to your company

Working together with your software environment makes TAXMARO even better: use our seamless integrations into various software solutions and lift your company to the next level.


TAXMARO can be connected to a wide range of accounting systems.

BuchhaltungsButler – The accounting solution in the cloud

BuchhaltungsButler is an automated accounting software that is geared towards optimal cooperation with your tax consultant. With the connection of all payment providers, automatic document upload from over 2,500 online portals and direct accounting, you can keep a live overview of your company without compromising on expert advice.


domonda - Accounting software

Domonda is a platform for digital financial processes for small and medium-sized companies and is developed to meet their needs. Complex manual financial processes involving document recognition, bookkeeping, invoice approval and bank account synchronization are automated with artificial intelligence. Keep an instant overview of your finances at all times - faster and easier than with other complex expert solutions on the market.



Reward your stuff with individual benefits. Fully integrated into your payroll process.

Lunchit – Your digital meal ticket

The Lunchit App simplifies the concepts of meal tickets for employees and employers. Pay 6,50 Euro taxfree every month to your employees with any administrative work.

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The SpenditCard – An all­-purpose coupon for worldwide shopping

The SpenditCard is a shopping coupon for all purposes and worldwide usage. Use tax benefits to pay a monthly amount tax free to your employees, which they can use just as they want to. Dinner in Italy, pit stop in Switzerland or online and offline shopping in the USA: there are no limits to the SpenditCard.

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Single sign-on


Verimi – Your digital ID card

Verimi is your digital ID card and single sign-in solution which give you full control about your personal data. One single click replaces the TAXMARO employee questionnaire and keeps your control of your personal data.

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