Manage vacation and absence times per click

It is always good to keep the overview.

Employee self-service

Fast Overview

Simple requests

Your employees enter their sick days and leave request per click via the TAXMARO tool. Your are able to define individual categories of absence that reflect your company's routine the most.

Automatic notification

Everybody in charge gets automatic E-­Mail notifications about every event. And suddenly your company seems to run by oneself.

Fast approval process

Define individual approval processes and approve request per click.

Complete overview

Your company calendar tracks the holidays, sick days and other absence days of all your employees. This provides the perfect database for your capacity planning and HR management.

Direct integration into the payroll

All information are automatically submitted to your payroll accountant. He will e.g. report the sickdays to the health insurance companies and apply for wage compensation. And the best thing about it: there is nothing to do for you.
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